About Us

Nestled in the heart of Wallingford town centre, behind the bustling high street, lies Santosha Wellbeing, Walk in and feel instant peace and tranquility.  We welcome you to experience our encouraged digital free space full of Physical and mental wellbeing offerings such as Yoga, mediation, massage, Psychotherapy and more..

Rest and Recharge in our Nourish bar full of Fresh Loose leaf teas, Unique Blend of Coffee, Fresh Smoothies, Cold press Juices, Energy Balls and Raw cakes.

Our History & Vision

As I write this it feels very surreal to think that a vision that has been in my head for over 6 years now is actually a reality. Before I go into detail of exactly what we do at Santosha, I would love to give you a little of what the journey has been so far to get here. 
For years I personally worked as a Behaviour Analyst specialising in Children with Autism. Working in Schools, Homes and other setting to support these children Academically, Socially and emotionally. I noticed more and more the stress that often surrounded them, with good reason too, these families, staff or careers were often dealing with great challenges. I started to look author I could also support these people too. With that i trained in Children’s Yoga and Mediation and started putting this into practice by linking the children to the Adults with these sessions. I was astounded at not only the children and the breakthrough, but the adults too. Calmer, more focused, re-awakening of close bonds. Then this took me on the path to wellbeing as a whole and how important it is to us all. The link between balancing Mind, Body and Soul became more and more apparent, the more training I did (In adult sector too), and the more I practiced these skill at home myself, it has been a life changing journey.

When I searched and searched for places where people could have regular access a space where balance could be found in all areas Mind, Body and Soul, I could see something was missing and i could see it was time to create this space I an other longed for. A place for community, sharing, connection, Peace, Detox, Relax, recoup, de-Stress…. a walk through the doors to our very own Narnia.

Mind- The conscious aspect within us, the mind chatter. Ways to balance..Mindfulness, talking therapies, connecting with like minded people.

Body- The physical element of ourselves, our 5 senses. Ways to bring into balance include gentle movement, good nourishing food and drink, nature.

Soul- Sometimes known as the unconscious, our inner world, our being. ways to bring into balance include Yoga, meditation, Connecting with others, healings.

Here at Santosha we offer a variety of ways to bring them all into Balance, if you are not sure where to start we are happy to help with a FREE CONSULTATION with Lisa.

I took a step back and just felt there was something more to this.. how could I suport not only these children I was directly working with but those around them too. That’s where yog and meditation came in. I trained to do my children Yoga and meditation and started to implement that as part of the children and those around them lives. Wow, what a difference! I did not see it coming but watched as these people thrives as a community, as a team, the bonds grew stronger.

What We offer?

Santosha Wellbeing is a space where all are welcome to come and breathe. We have our nourishing food to help with physical health, we have our mindfulness, meditation, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. We have classes ranging from yoga, meditation, Auricular Acupuncture group, children and baby sessions. Therapies such as massage, indian head, Reiki, sound journeys, reflexology and more. We are alway expanding so our website and Facebook and Instagram social Media is best to see what’s available.

On a Tue and Thu morning 9-12 and mon-Fri 3-5pm we have teen and family time to suport all of those who are looking to nurture their families in a digital free zone. A place for children to connect with each other and with their families. 
Mon-Fri during the day we have adult time, a space for you to come and sit in quiet at our digital free zone and switch off. Whether your coming for a glass of water, a class or a treatment it’s all about feeling the calm and peace as you walk into our home from home.. some of us even wear our slippers! 

Weekends are our workshops, events and change from week to week. Our nourish bar is open and so people are welcome to come and have a drink or a nibble too.  

The thing I have learnt so far is that with people saying “Wallingford needs this” it fild my heart as I hear them and I understand. I feel we all need this, myself included. A space to be free, to pause and to connect with others. 
Thank you to all who have been on the journey of Santosha so far and those who are yet to come. For those of you who have stepped through the door. With each drink bought, each class paid for, with each memberships taken out you create and keep the vision alive and you are supporting your community by keeping Santosha’s doors open! You are part of the Santosha tribe too! You are helping others to have somewhere to go and Our vision is to have sessions available for free for those who need it the most too! Those in desperate or difficult situations such as cancer suport, domestic abuse and those who genuinely don’t have the funds to access the therapies and classes that at times they really really could benefit from. 

Whether it’s switch off from family, you time or you need someone to talk to, we hope you find Santosha is your space to find what your needing. 

Thank you to all, we look forward to meeting you! Lisa 

Step in, switch off and give yourself the time and space you deserve.